Papers Please Update

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All fans of Papers Please, we have great news for you! Here is a unique updated version of your most favorite game! You will find it really great and entertaining, since new features and fixed bugs are included. You will play for a man who serves the security of his government – he has been chosen to track the immigration on the border. The war is over, but the danger is still here. The duty of this man is to make sure that no suspicious person enters the country. Check them all and make sure to keep the enemies away! This is something you do every single day.
The updated version of the game will gladden you with ever-changing rules – almost every single day you will receive new directions from the government and your bosses will offer new approaches to the detecting process. Some of their suggestions are really awesome – these are improvements and new implementations that will make your job easier and more engaging. However, the others are really awful – the limitations and new rules can make your everyday routine only harder. Even if something like this happens, don’t worry – this is not a big deal, because everything may change the next day and your job will become much easier than it was yesterday, so you don’t have to worry. Each day, you enter your office, read the new rules, make sure that you understand them all, and start your work. Numerous of people will step inside of your cabinet and the more migrants and residents that were abroad you can accept, the better – this will give you special scores that will help you move further in your career.

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