Papers Please 3

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In the third part of Papers Please you are still working as an inspector of the emigrational committee. Enemies will never pass through the border, because you keep an eye on them. However, this time, the task becomes even tougher than it ever was. Now identifying the enemies is not that easy! Well, it has never been, but you will have to apply all of your experience and effort. Interview them, open their suitcases, and even undress them to see if they are hiding something. Be attentive like hunt dog! Try to be attentive and accurate when checking the documents and interviewing every single person that appears in your cabinet. Do you see something suspicious? Do you hear something not very clear? Do you… sense something?
While two previous parts were pretty challenging considering the dubious nature of most villains, this one is even harder to beat. As you already are an experienced searcher and you can see people as if they were transparent! During the first parts, you had a great chance to develop a perfect skills and almost an x-ray seeing! Now you will show them all! The game provides you with brand new levels and as such – higher degree of complexity. Making a fatal mistake is not easier than ever. What is more, if you will accidentally torture an innocent person, you can lose your rating and even job. However, things are more serious if you do the opposite and miss the criminal – the entire country will be endangered so you can become the reason for its ruination from within. This is something you cannot allow to happen! So, the third part of your adventures as an inspector continue – do your best and continue fulfilling your duty like a real professional.

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