Papers Please 2

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So many dangerous people were stopped by you already. You are a courageous and attentive son of your government! Working on the border, you prevented numerous horrible events and even entire catastrophes successfully. However, your duty needs to be carried further. You should continue working on your native Arstotzka! Ask for the travelers’ document, scour, talk to them, and try to define the suspicious fellows. Just be careful and don’t blame people that are not guilty! Be attentive and work hard for the sake of your country! The game seems tricky – mostly, you will have doubts about a person in front of you. If you have ever heard the proverb that appearance is dubious, then you will find out how much dubious it might be. The game will place people of all appearances and types in front of you. Some of them can look like real villains, but they are actually not. Maybe, they are just tired or poor. The others look intelligently and nice, however, at some moment you realize that they are hiding something and their appearance serves as a disguise to hide who they really are!
The task is to distinguish their real essence and personality. As an inspector, you have the right to check their documents, ask for more papers (if required in the rules you will get from the government), and check the suspicious people from top to bottom. Special equipment will help you find out if they are hiding something forbidden under their clothes or in the bags. You can even torture the most dangerous guys until they tell you the truth – they might be spies! Take a careful look, but try not to frustrate and hurt people that are not guilty. You cannot just torture and keep someone in your office room because you are afraid to miss the criminal or secret agent. This is not the way professional inspectors do! Also, you cannot deny the entrance just because of your intuition! Be sure to have sufficient evidence in case you are ready to blame someone to be a villain. Ready to carry a duty of that kind? Will you become the guardian of peace and order? Do it now and see how complicated but exciting the work and life of an inspector is. Good luck and keep your eyes widely open!

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