Papers Please

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The time you live in is extremely anxious. The war doesn’t stop and numerous enemies of the government try to ruin it from within. They come to our lands and try to cross the border. However, the head of your country is counting on you, so watch them carefully! Every person that comes here must be checked very attentively – if you only have minimal suspicions, never let them in! For example, you might think that the person trying to cross the border has a fake passport. Check this document and pay attention to the other ones as well. Can you say that this is he/she on the photo for sure? Or maybe he/she is trying to pretend someone else? There are also people that try to carry the forbidden items under their clothes. For example, they may be cooperating with drug dealers or weapons sellers. You cannot say that they really are criminals from the first slight glance, which means that you need to treat every person carefully – are there are traits that make you think he/she is dangerous?
Save your country from the invaders and people who can ruin it from within. Both informational security and the life of the citizens are on your shoulders. Defend them from the threat, being the first and most significant obstacle for the evil, no matter which form it takes. This is your duty, so keep your eyes widely open. Terrorists, spies, and secret agents under disguise will try to fool you, but this is something they will never do! Use the rays to get the photo of them without clothing and disguise – make sure that there are no suspicious objects fasten to their bodies! Watch their mimics, the words they say, and other details. Sometimes, they can accidentally uncover themselves, so be attentive. This game will make you feel like one of the most important people in the entire government, but remember that such a high title requires special efforts. You need to prove that you are worthy of the seat you take and make sure that no dangerous people will ever appear on the territory of your country. If you are ready to start, then launch the game right now and prepare for a thrilling, deeply thoughtful, and interesting game process. People will enter your cabinet one by one and you will test them. This challenge happens to you every day, so good luck and stay patient! The game is free to play right on the website and you can launch it online from your computer or any mobile device – it suits all screen sizes just perfectly. Start the game and say: “Papers, please!”

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