Papers Please Roblox

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The well-known adventure of the border worker Papers Please gains a brand new look – now everything is happening in the universe of Roblox. Yes! You are going to sit in your cab, inspector, but this time all of the travelers are the Roblox characters. The war between two governments – Arstotzka and Kolechia – is over, but it doesn’t mean that your country and its dwellers are safe. After six years, nasty incidents continue happening. However, you serve your land to make sure that they will never do. Don’t let the villains and betrayers enter!
Yes, you get it right – this is the same game you know, the original Papers Please, only now it becomes even better and more engaging. The reason is that the events take place in the universe of Roblox! Characters, graphics, and game atmosphere are different now and they are extremely delightful. If you really adore those Lego-like guys from the world of Roblox, you will be glad to see them in the very new and exciting environment. The classical Papers Please game looks pretty dull and even a bit dark. It is so serious! You decide the destiny of people and what is more – the entire country is on your shoulders! What a heavy burden to carry. Some players claim that a sense of such an important and complicated duty is really hard and you might fail to deal with the levels and villains only because you feel pressure! You are so nervous! And we understand you. However, no more panic – the funny and adorable Roblox style will surely make your anxiety go away. Of course, your duty stays as crucial and serious as it ever was, only now you can relax and just do your job. Without neurosis, fear, and everything like that. Try to compare your results in the original game and the Roblox version – this might be a really interesting experiment! Will you feel the difference? Which difference is that? Choose the game you prefer more and enjoy the amazing hours of investigations and research. Not only you will find the Roblox version on this site, but many more, including all the existing parts of Papers Please and amazing mods for them. Get in now!

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