Papers Please 4

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The story of a border inspector goes on. His duty is complicated and extremely important and the entire country is counting on him. The idea of the game stays the same as it was in three previous parts of the game. You sit in your office, accepting people who are trying to cross the border. Some of them are enemies, the others are not. In the fourth part, distinguishing them is even harder than it was before. Keep your eye on every traveler, see his/her documents, and check luggage as well as clothes. Under these clothes and inside of these bags everything can be! It is never an obvious thing – if a person in front of you is a criminal or a simple man or woman. They rarely show their real selves that easy, so you will have to try hard before making a decision.
You will have a couple of stamps here. Some will be placed on the papers of a person who cannot enter the country. The others will allow them to enter. However, in the hardest cases of the criminal deeds, you will have to do more radical actions. For example, obvious villains that carry cocaine or guns hidden must go to the jail and you will have to catch them and transfer to the police. Also, the spies and political enemies of your country may have some secret data and of course – you need to know more about them, their aims, and people who send them to your native country. They won’t tell you a thing that easily, so get ready to unfold your instruments and even torture them to get the answers. Yes, the work of a border inspector is a challenge and not always a pleasure.
The forth part has more possible endings that all depend on your decisions. What is more, more types of documents and new rules will appear, so make sure to track all the in-game changes and additional recommendations very carefully. The idea of the game stays the same – you are here to prevent enemies from entering your country and you have no right for a mistake. If you do mistakes too often, you can lose the job and your country will be under a great danger, which is the last thing you want. Do your best and keep the undesired subjects away. The fourth part saves all the best traditions of three previous ones, but includes some new cool features, conditions, and decision options.

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