Papers Please 2020

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New and shiny, the updated Papers Please is waiting for you! Not only all the issues of the previous version are fixed now. The ton of new and amazing new content will surely surprise all fans. This time, the villains have found new ways to cover their identities and hide themselves under the masks of ordinary people. Gladly, you work with such tricksters for years, so we bet that you can identify them immediately. Don’t be shy to kick the terrorists and enemies out of your country! And keep innocent people untouched. As you can see, the general rules of Papers Please don’t change – you are still the same inspector fulfilling the same work. On the one hand, you have to deal too much with papers sitting inside of your dark gloomy cabinet. Do you think that this activity has nothing in common with… something heroic? Well, you are wrong. Being an inspector, you track the vulnerable spot of your native country that is still weak after the war. The border.
So what are the main features of the game? Well, everything is pretty much the same. One by one, every single day, you will accept immigrants and people from your own country. They will show you the documents. You have the rules that will help you check the papers and see if they are in order. Also, you may have suspicions about the aims of people that come to your country. Are they really here for business? Which business? Maybe, their business is drug dealing or something even worse? They can be representatives of the enemy-country you have been fighting with six years ago. The time has passed, but things didn’t change a lot – the enemies are still trying to ruin your motherland. Only now the war is not open – nobody is shooting or bombing cities. However, they quietly sneak inside and do their dirty deeds from within, which can ruin your motherland even worse than the explosions and victims of the direct invasion. It was easy to distinguish the enemy during the war – you always knew that this soldier wearing the uniform of the enemy is dangerous. You just… shoot to kill. However, now everything is more complicated. They are disguised, witty, and pretending to be someone else. With time, you will learn how to catch them from the very first time you see their eyes. But now you need to check everything carefully and make sure that you are on the right way. Of course, this won’t be easy, but you will gain experience, see more different people, find out about their aims and secrets they may have. Use the rules and recommendations provided by the game to distinguish fake and wrong documents.

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