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Papers Please is an amazing puzzle simulator where you will play the role of a serious man – an inspector on the border between countries that are enemies. The events take place in 1982 in a fictional state Arstotzka. The main character gets the job on the border and controls the immigration process. All the migrants are trying to enter the territory of your country, but not all of them do. The reason is pretty simple – after the war ended, the enemies keep on trying to sneak on these territories. Each day, they will enter your office one by one, showing their documents, and trying to convince you that they can be trusted. Be careful – the task is to distinguish evil guys from ordinary people, keep the villains away, and let people enter. The more migrants you check, the higher you rating becomes. Not only you grow as a professional and get more chances to become the best worker. Also, you receive in-game cash for every session. This cash is spendable and you are the one to decide how to use them. The choice is yours!

When the game starts, you are informed that “people from the above” have chosen you to accept this duty. In reward, they provide you with a flat, so you and your family can live there in comfort. During the day, you will meet foreigners and dwellers of your state. You will look at their papers and decide what to do next – if you have no suspicions, then just them in. If you do have doubts, you can continue the checking session and find out the truth. The law changes rapidly in the conditions of post-war, which means that you will receive notifications from your commanders. From these letters, you will find out about the new rules. They will inform you about the aspects you must pay attention to when accepting and denying the migrants’ documents. Sometimes, the new rules will make your work easier, sometimes – they will make things significantly harder. When the game starts, you will check only the passport, but later numerous other papers will be required. Make sure that all of them are in order!

First, you will have two stamps: “deny” and “accept”. Then you will receive another one “the reason for a denial”. If you see that a migrant’s pack of documents is not full or even suspicious, you can stop him or even call the police. The guidelines will help you orient yourself and you will make the right decisions following them. In case you see that the photo in documents is a fake, you can take the fingerprints from a migrant and check his identity. The same happens when you are not sure about any other data, like gender, date of birth, and more. You can scan your visitors and see them naked – this will help you identify if they are hiding drugs, weapons, or any other contraband. All parts of the game, including mods, and even cheats can be found on our website. We are happy to present them all to you absolutely for free! Enjoy the games and feel yourself like a real guardian of the law!

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