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As the game with a free plot, Papers Please have an endless amount of them! And, of course, each potential story has its own ending. Do you want to see all of them? How about additional mods that add absolutely new experience to the game? You are welcome to enjoy them all right here and right now. Find the new way of tracking and identifying villains, betrayers of the government, spies, agents, and terrorists. As always, the destiny of Arstotzka and its lands hardly depends on your decisions, so make sure that you don’t make any mistakes, no matter which game mod you pick! The mods are amazing, since they have a great potential to bring you absolutely new playing experience, while you stay at the same good old Papers Please game, the one that you like that much.
The mods are mostly connected with new equipment and control over the situation. They give you absolutely unique optics that allow you to distinguish bad people from ordinary ones, even though it might be really hard to do. From the first sight, a traveler and even a resident of your own country doesn’t seem to be strange anyhow. But some minor troubles with documents, name spelling, or photo and you should alarm yourself at this point – even those that are simple visitors or dwellers of your region can be converted spies or even betrayers. You cannot allow them to enter! Also, the mods influence not only the playing process as it is, but the endings – the decisions you make will bring you to another result and even unexpected outcomes may arrive. Try our mods – they are easy to launch, entertaining to play, and truly useful for everyone who dreams of becoming the best inspector ever. Show your skills, tackle the unusual situation having new opportunities, and show that you are the one to defend your land better than anyone! Have fun!

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