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Behold, the freshest version of Papers Please is at your service! Are you ready? Then try it out right now, because this is the best and maybe the only simulator of the border control. As you may already know, the game tells a story of a man that checks incoming people that enter his country. Six years ago, this country and another one located nearby were in the conflict. Now, everything seems to be calm, but only on the surface. The enemy tries to sneak inside and various dangerous people from the opposing region will try to enter yours. Keep them away.
So you must have already passed the first parts of the game and now you are waiting for something brand new. Well, the latest version is not dramatically different from the initial idea. As you may know, the game developer invented the idea of this game during his own trip abroad and he decided that border inspection might be a cool idea. This concept doesn’t change throughout the series and the latest chapter you can see in front of you is not an exclusion. Again, you serve the government and do everything to keep the inner and outer safety in your region. This is not easy – after the war, there are so many people that are trying to break the law and weaken your country from within. They try to sneak inside and do their dirty deeds here. Keep your eyes on them, use new methods of investigation, and always track the new rules from the government – they will change pretty often in this part.
The developer fixed all the problematic parts and added some new content to the game. This way, you will surely stay tuned and continue playing the updated part with pleasure. Meet new villains and find new ways to deal with them. Make sure that you never hurt people that are not guilty, especially those that live in your country and come back home. Do your best, be intuitive, smart, and avoid mistakes – they can be fatal!

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