Papers Please Endings

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The game Papers Please tells a story of a man that works on the border. He is always alarmed – people are coming, crowds of them, and he needs to distinguish good guys from bad guys. Controlling this man, you will track the order on the border! The trick is that your decisions influence the situation in the government, your own position, and numerous other things. As you can guess, this leads to numerous different endings. Would like to outplay them all? Well, then you are at the right place! Try now! Each of your decisions influences the game as whole. Everything changes. In case you do mistakes and let the bad people enter the country, the situation in the entire region as well as your workplace become worse and tougher. You can even lose your job! And the country can be teared into pieces by the paws of criminals. On the other side, in case you are doing everything correctly and follow all the rules, the results will gladden you and your bosses. If you will manage to distinguish people, each of the completed tasks will give you scores and this will help you get higher and higher on the career ladder. Yes, the life of an inspector is a constant fight, but you can make it! Learn how to detect criminals and never let them enter your country. The endings vary in accordance with your decisions and actions. The better results you reach, the better ending you will see. As such, the gradation is really vast – while you have a freedom of actions and god only knows how many mistakes and right decisions you will make, the results can never be predicted. Do your best!

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