Papers Please 2021

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Dive into a new thriller game where you will have a chance to become a ruthless and corrupt customs officer on the border of a totalitarian country. All the actions take place in the country Arstotzka, which fought with neighboring Kolechia for 6 years, and then divided the border town of Grestin exactly in half. Your character is an inspector of the passport and visa department of this border who sits in his room all the time, scanning through the documents and decides who will be allowed to the territory of Arstotzka.
The crowds of immigrants are not so innocent as they may seem at first glance. There are many smugglers, spies and terrorists that skillfully lurk among usual visitors. All you have is only the documents provided by these people for identification. You will also be able to use screening and fingerprinting systems, but these are rather primitive. With these restricted tools, you need to take the right decision on who can be allowed into Arstotzka, who should be refused, and who must be arrested.
At the beginning of the game, the process is simple and even tedious – you will immediately spot the discrepancies on the paper data. Then it becomes more and more difficult to identify the foreigners – you will have to demand additional documents and carefully check them. For each correct inspection, you are paid money, but for every mistake, you are fined. And at the end of each working day, you need to collect enough money to pay for your living, otherwise, your family will die.
The game offers 20 possible options of an ending. Most of them will result in a premature game over, ruin, arrest, and dismissal. And there is just one scenario that will allow you to continue the endless game mode. It is easier to reach the gameplay finish if you literally do nothing – avoid risks and do not to get involved in doubtful affairs.
Like every dystopian piece, the author of this game puts you in front of a difficult choice – you can break with the regime, rebel, and get out of its power or continue the deal with your conscience. Everything depends on your readiness to do it.

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